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Based in Caldas da Rainha, U-Deck has also set up in Lisbon, with a unique showroom, recently renovated.

We have been growing over the years, in a sustained and safe way, solidifying our presence in the flooring and decking market. We have two warehouses and a team of experienced professionals, from sales consultants to installers, who work with us daily with commitment and dedication.

We are aware of the constant market changes and the eminent need to choose the best and most sustainable products, so we are constantly on the lookout for perfect solutions, relying on the best partners.

We started in 2016 a representation at a national level with Havwoods, a leading brand with regard to the quality and design of its products, which presents a range of wooden floors considered to be the most inspiring ever.

In fact, our main goal is to guide our client, step by step, in the decision of defining the right environment, inspiring and helping to create more than a space, a concept.

Visit our showrooms, in Caldas da Rainha and Lisbon! Find out where we are.



We, individuals and companies, share responsibility in each choise we make.

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Sustainability is within our reach, on every product that we select, ensuring a lower impact, contributing with each gesture, to improve the environment in which we operate.

Having in consideration the well-being of our customers and the environment, but also the health and safety of our teams in the workplace, we preferably choose products with lower emission levels that can be classified as products with the reference EMICODE EC1.This certification is only obtained if the emissions released by the materials are considerably lower than the levels permitted by current legislation, such as the oils and coatings that we use from Vermeister. These products guarantee a high level of comfort, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle, always maintaining an appealing design with all the natural qualities that we can find in the raw materials.

We are constantly taking decisions in order to improve our actions in this area. Our Havwoods floorings, for example, through its own HavSeal™, distinguish the products whose purchase is made in a responsible way.
The "Green Seal" is awarded to products that offer extra international accreditation, identified as coming from sources that meet high standards of energy use and waste management. The "Gold Seal" is awarded to products that come from factories that show extreme passion and proactive approach to all ecological benefits, such as reusable heating for local communities, feeding wind turbines, funding the reintroduction of animals to forest areas and a commitment to replant forest areas in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council® FSC®.

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