Learn how to protect your floor


Maintenance is the essential gesture to prolong the life of any wooden floor.

Cleaning products
and Maintenance

Regular maintenance with the right products is essential to prolong the life of any wooden floor, whatever its finish. Vermeister has created a range of floor care products that make cleaning and maintenance easy and effective for both the floor owner and professional.

maintenance neutral detergent

Neutral detergent

Suitable for regular cleaning of various surfaces such as varnished wooden floors. This concentrated liquid has a powerful cleaning action and does not require rinsing.
idronet maintenance


This detergent has a double action: it cleans dirt and revitalises the floors' original finish.
sanitary maintenance

Sanit-Action Cleaner

Ideal for wooden floors, it sanitises by removing bacteria from the treated surface.
bona detergent maintenance

Bona Detergent

designed for removing dust and surface dirt from wood floors.
detergent maintenance bona laminate

Bona Laminate Floor Cleaner

No need to rinse, it effectively cleans floors, removing dust and surface dirt and encrusted dirt.
maintenance bona mopa

Bona Spray Mop

Incredibly versatile, you no longer need to fill a bucket, just spray for a quick and effective clean.


Oiling the floor is a traditional way of treating wood. Vermeister has used the latest technology to create a range of oils for the maintenance, repair and revitalisation of your wood.

oil care oil


Maintenance product for indoor and outdoor oil-treated floors.
clean oil


Product suitable for oil treated wooden floors. Removes old layers of maintenance products, ensuring deep cleaning without damaging the wood fibres.
colour oil


Developed for staining interior wooden floors. Easy to use, penetrates deeply into the wood, and is available in several colours.
hardward wax oil


A balanced blend of oils and hard waxes that provides effective and long-lasting protection against scratches and stains. Fast drying and dirt resistant.
deck oil strong

Deck.Oil Strong

Consists of a balanced blend of oils, designed specifically for exteriors. Intensifies the softness and tone of the wood, offering greater coverage compared to traditional products. Protects against UV rays, preventing ageing and maintaining the wood's natural colour. It also offers excellent water resistance.
deck oil gs

Deck.Oil GS

Made from a careful selection of various natural oils and waxes, it protects the wood from atmospheric agents, in particular UV rays.


Ecological, resistant and easy to apply, Vermeister varnishes are vitality and beauty on wooden floors. There is a wide range of varnishes for solutions adapted to your aesthetic and functionality requirements, ensuring an excellent quality result.

idro 2k varnish

Idro 2K

Two-component water-based varnish, ensuring the natural appearance of floors. Resistant to abrasive materials and rubber marks, so it is recommended for floors subject to the constant passage of people.
aqua varnish

Aqua Tenax

Two-component water-based varnish, designed to give a good tone to woods, without causing undesirable changes to their natural colours. Especially recommended for more difficult woods, such as Ipê.
aqua first varnish

Aqua First

Water-based varnish with excellent filling capacity. Enhances the different tones of the wood and is fast drying.
silk varnish


Water-based varnish highly resistant to abrasive materials. With a high level of transparency, it gives a warmer tone to the woods.
aqua play1 varnish

Aqua Play 1

Water-based varnish, highly resistant to abrasive materials. It has a resistance equivalent to a two-component system, also giving a warmer tone to woods.
aqua play2 varnish

Aqua Play 2

Two-component water-based varnish. Excellent resistance, suitable for all situations requiring a high quality finish, giving a warm tone to the woods.


Ecological and resistant, the Vermeister adhesives are used for the perfect laying of screens and floors.

zero percent glue

Zero %

Extremely resistant two-component adhesive, even on non-absorbent surfaces. Free of any odours and practically insensitive to temperature changes.
zero glue mono

Zero Mono

One-component glue, resistant and easy to apply. Contains no water, solvents, isocyanates, epoxies or amino acids.
revin b3 glue

Revin B3

One-component adhesive for wood and laminate floors. With high water resistance.
gap filler glue

Gap Filler

Solvent-free acrylic sealant. For wood and laminate floors, available in the colours: Mahogany, White Oak and Wenge.
sika pro11 adhesive

Sika PRO 11

Single-component joint sealant with very good application qualities that adheres and seals most construction materials. For interior and exterior use.
sikabond glue 52 parquet

SikaBond 52 Parquet

Solvent-free, single-component adhesive for wooden floors, with high additional bonding strength and low run-off.