It was in December that U-Deck offered a new floor (for 3 bedrooms and a living room) to Mr Daniel Batistaa victim of the fires in Vieira de Leiria. The house was completely destroyed and Mr Daniel did not have any insurance.

When we heard that the Portuguese Football Federation would be collecting funds and goods for the victims, we contacted them to find out how we could help, and immediately suggested that we were available to provide flooring for one of the many homes destroyed. We were given the contact details of this gentleman who was immediately grateful for the offer.

We went to the site and checked what we would need: 60m2 of flooring, 60ml of skirting and all the necessary accessories for a perfect finishing. The idea would be for Mr Daniel to have the house ready to spend Christmas with his family.

In collaboration with the flooring brand Tarkett, on the 13th of December our team started the work and for two days we were committed to leave Mr Daniel with a home he could be proud of and to make it possible for him to forget the nightmare he had lived through.

This work gave us a huge feeling of mission accomplished.

- Pictures from FPF from Mr. Daniel's house.